Southsea Sound is a professional recording studio based in Southsea, Portsmouth, established by musicians, recording artists and songwriters Tim Greaves and Eleanor Morgan. With a passionate enthusiasm for music of all styles, the studio provides the finest quality audio production, mixing & mastering, whatever your project needs or taste in music.

Our studio equipment is regularly updated to ensure the production techniques remain relevant and continue to offer quality industry standard recordings. We work with all audio clients including, but not limited to vocalists, bands, rappers, voiceover artists, songwriters and musicians.

Our studio is based around a Mac Pro Music System, enhanced with a superb 32 channel analogue DDA Q series mixing desk, top quality outboard equipment and finest microphones. We are also a member of the Universal Audio platform allowing us to utilise analogue emulations at the tracking stage. These include the NEVE 1073, SSL 4000e, API Vision and more. We have an extensive selection of plug-ins and virtual instruments to enable you to find the exact sound that you are searching for. There are also numerous vintage amps, drum kits, cabs and instruments available for you to use on your record.

All technical details and equipment spec can be found here.

Whatever your experience or musical ability may be, we’ll use our knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your potential in our comfortable professional studio. We look forward to seeing you soon at Southsea Sound.

Price List

Full day recording
£180 (8 hours) 10.00 – 18.00

Half day
£100 (4 hours) 10.00 – 14.00

In house mixing and mastering
£15 per track

External mixing and mastering
£60 per track

Ad-hoc work (voiceovers, etc.)
£30 per hour (minimum)

Editing/fix work
£30 per hour

Deals can be done on consecutive days booked, please contact us to discuss.



A non refundable £50 deposit is required for every day booked and we have a 1 week cancellation policy. Any cancellation made within 1 week of the commencement of a project will be chargeable at the full price of the booking. Responsibility for these charges lies with the person making the booking.

Previous bands and artists
Harker, Misgivings, Grand Pop, Personal Best, The Stayawakes, Small Gods, Sam Russo, Horseflies, The Glorias, Megaflora, El Morgan, The REMS, Tirana, Bangers, The Hippaes, Lost Ships, Armoured Flu Unit, Kontakta.

Specialist Subject Records, Everything Sucks Music, Sheer Luck Records, Dovetown Records, Fond of Life Records, Disconnect Disconnect Records, Wiretap Records, Subjangle Records, Shield Recordings, Grow Your Own Records

Previously recorded at Southsea Sound

Horseflies – Fist

The Hippaes – Acid is Groovy (Kill the Pigs)

Grand Pop – Drop Trow

Harker – Plague Your Heart

Personal Best – Love Letter

Sam Russo – Eye Candy

Tirana – Top of the Wall

Small Gods – Marbella Boss

Lost Ships – All of the Pieces

Misgivings – The New Lows

Megaflora – Everything I See

The Hippaes – Space

Armoured Flu Unit – Spycops

The Stayawakes – Dogs and Cats / Living Together