El Morgan and Tim Greaves began working on the idea for Southsea Sound in 2013. Following a long search for the right venue, they took over 112a Albert Road (previously Ye Olde Bike Shoppe and Hands-On Records) in November 2015.

Wanting to take their life-long passion for music to the next level, they gutted and completely rebuilt a purpose-designed recording studio before opening the doors to Room 1 in February 2016 and Room 2 in May 2017.

Tim Greaves

Our head engineer has been playing, touring, and producing for over 20 years. He is hugely inspired by and a strong advocate for the Steve Albini school of recording valuing authenticity over all. Specialising in heavier guitar-based artists and self-taught in the UK DIY punk underground, he’s happiest when working with a diverse range of clients. His eclectic client list includes artists favouring fast technical punk, hardcore, power pop, a soulful singer songwriter style, metal core, jangly indie, doom, thrash, crust and I could go on. Additionally, he has collaborated with major film production companies, theatre companies and the likes of BT.

Audio engineering, video production, mixing and mastering, ADR, voiceover, session guitar, it’s all available at Southsea Sound. He’s also the most patient and professional man alive, so whatever your skill level, he’ll make you feel welcome, relaxed, and prepared to give your best performance.

Andy Macleod

Engineer, skilled composer and professional session musician. Andy did his apprenticship with us and is now taking on clients. Whether producing beats or melting your face with his riffs for hire, you’re guaranteed excellent service from Andy.

El Morgan

Studio owner, manager and in-house vocal specialist El has been a singer and performer for over 20 years. Previously touring all over the UK and EU, when not running the studio, she now runs vocal noise workshops under the name Grrls to the Front. She can also be hired for lessons, pre-recording vocal warmups, harmony writing and backing vocals. On top of that, El works in events as a co-ordinater partnering with local promoters Washed Out, neu waves and Strong Island Recordings. She’ll also hire you a backline or even quote to design your event artwork if you ask nicely.