Price List

Rehearsals – Book here!

  • Room 1 (Downstairs) Heads and Breakables Included – £45.00 for 3 hrs
  • Room 1 (Downstairs) Cabs and Drum Hardware/Shells Only – £40.00 for 3 hrs
  • Room 2 (Upstairs) Heads and Breakables Included – £50.00 for 3 hrs
  • Room 2 (Upstairs) Cabs and Drum Hardware/Shells Only – £45.00 for 3 hrs
  • Solo session (before 4pm) – £16.00 for 1 hour
  • Solo Session – £35.00 for 3 hrs

Recording – Email today!

8 hours: Analogue hybrid – £300.00

4 hours: Analogue hybrid – £200.00

1 hour: Analogue hybrid  – £70


Dry hire – Please contact to discuss


Live video production

Audio recording choice and mixing and mastering plus £150


Mixing and mastering – Please contact to discuss

Many other studios charge mixing and mastering fees ranging from £200 to £300 per track. We understand that investing in your music can be challenging, especially for emerging artists or bands on a tight budget. 

We wanted a more affordable start rate so we’ve set it at £70 per track, our hourly recording fee. This includes a desk mix and two rounds of edits. We want to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the final result, so we offer you the opportunity to provide feedback and make adjustments at no additional cost.

We are able to charge this little because we charge for fix editing separately, also at £70 per hour. This approach allows us to focus on providing exceptional value to those artists who have adequately rehearsed and prepared to record their tracks. By not including these additional costs in our base rate, we can offer rehearsed bands the opportunity to save money that would typically go towards quantising, fixing mistakes, and autotuning.

To enable bands to prepare to record, we provide demo building and pre-production services to help refine and solidify what it is you want to achieve. You can collaborate with experts to elevate your sound, fine-tune arrangements, and polish your ideas ready to capture in a professional studio.


In studio and remote audio recording

(via Cleanfeed) for interviews, audiobooks,

voice-overs, radio plays etc £200pd/£140hd/£45ph

Podcast – 1 hour audio only recording – £35 dry, £45 with engineer


Commercial team day studio experience package

9am to 4pm – 8 people max – £800

(Lunch, tea and coffee included)


Private recording event – Please call to discuss your idea and we’ll create you a custom quote.


Deals can be done on more than 5 consecutive days booked, please contact us to discuss!

All technical details and equipment spec can be found here.


Please read our cancellation policies to avoid disappointment.