Price List


8 hours: Analogue hybrid – £250.00

4 hours: Analogue hybrid – £175.00

1 hour: Analogue hybrid  – £50


8 hours: Digital – £200.00

4 hours: Digital – £150.00

1 hour:  Digital – £45


8 hours: Dry hire – £180.00

4 hours: Dry hire – £120.00

1 hour: Dry hire – £35


Live video production

8 hours: Analogue hybrid – £250.00

8 hours: Digital – £200.00


Mixing and mastering – Charged per track.

In house – Analogue hybrid – £30.00

In house – Digital – £20.00

External – Analogue hybrid – £70.00

External – Digital – £60.00


In studio and remote audio recording

(via Cleanfeed) for interviews, audiobooks,

voice-overs, radio plays etc £200pd/£140hd/£45ph

Podcast – 1 hour audio only recording – £35 dry, £45 with engineer


Commercial team day studio experience package

9am to 4pm – 8 people max – £800

(Lunch, tea and coffee included)


Private recording event – Please call to discuss your idea and we’ll create you a custom quote.


Deals can be done on more than 5 consecutive days booked, please contact us to discuss!

All technical details and equipment spec can be found here.


Please read our cancellation policies to avoid disappointment.

Previous clients
Royal Shakespeare Company RSC, Big Finish Productions, Harker, Misgivings, Grand Pop, Personal Best, The Stayawakes,  Small Gods, Sam Russo, Horseflies, The Glorias, Megaflora, El Morgan, The REMS, Tirana, Bangers, The Hippaes, Lost Ships, Armoured Flu Unit, Kontakta, Lauren Barker, Thee Lonely Hearts

Specialist Subject Records, Everything Sucks Music, Sheer Luck Records, Dovetown Records, Fond of Life Records, Disconnect Disconnect Records, Wiretap Records, Subjangle Records, Shield Recordings, Grow Your Own Records

Previously recorded at Southsea Sound

‘Cheer Up’ · Lauren Barker

Harker – The Beast Must Die (Live Session)

farran height – ‘Outrageous’ (Vocal Recording/Mix and Master)

Cassie -‘Wouldn’t You Like to Know’ (Drum Recording)

Thee Lonely Hearts – ‘Treat Me Just Like You Just Don’t Care’

Carl Peat – Circles (Mixed and Mastered)

Horseflies – Fist

Grand Pop – Drop Trow

The Hippaes – Acid is Groovy (Kill the Pigs)

Harker – Plague Your Heart

Personal Best – Love Letter

Sam Russo – Eye Candy

Tirana – Top of the Wall

Small Gods – Marbella Boss

Lost Ships – All of the Pieces

Misgivings – The New Lows

Megaflora – Everything I See

The Hippaes – Space

Armoured Flu Unit – Spycops

The Stayawakes – Dogs and Cats / Living Together