Greetings, studio friends,

Welcome to Southsea Sound in Portsmouth—where we believe sometimes, perfection is overrated, and a good scream is as valuable as a high C.

By overwhelming popular demand (and we mean overwhelming), we’re finally launching our Karaoke Night. Let loose, sing off-key, and embrace the chaos. And our licensed bar. We’ve had some cracking private karaoke parties here, now we’re inviting you all!

While on the subject of embracing, we’re rolling out a Recording Referral Scheme. Refer someone who hasn’t used us before, and both of you get 10% off your next day tracking. Bring some friends, make some noise, and save some cash—No catch, just mates, music, savings, etc.


Heaven and Hell Karaoke Night

Vengaboys or Slipknot? Both.

**Karaoke Night Details:**

– **Heaven (Room 2, Upstairs):** Fancy a flight through the clouds? Ascend to our upstairs haven for a dose of pop classics. Sing your heart out to Pulp, Paris Hilton or sway to some Warren G—You do you. 🌸

– **Hell (Room 1, Downstairs):** Take a dive into the lair of cursed alternative bangers, or just me singing Alkaline Trio all night. And yes, Sublime is on the playlist; it’s not a glitch. 👹

Both rooms are appropriate for Meatloaf.


**No Genre Shaming**

This is all about having fun

The Details:

**Accessibility and Ethics:** Sadly, the venue isn’t wheelchair accessible due to it’s age, but it’s a drug free inclusive space.

**Entrance:** 18+ It’s £10 in advance, £12.50 on the door and we’re cashless so bring your card and ID. Enter through the black door for Room 2—just ring the bell by the white door of Room 1, and someone will come get you.

Hope to see your faces—singing off-key is encouraged, not judged.