If you’re following these, you may wonder why I’ve skipped the second live music video session Southsea Sound ever did. That band gets their own blog post soon; they’ve worked with us that many times!

So, we’ve jumped to March 2016, a whole month after we opened, to spend some time with the Bristol band ‘The Earth and Me‘.

“Post-Rock by DIY punks: playing melancholic yet hopeful, (mostly) instrumental music”.

We’d known Neil, Dave and Nath from playing with their various bands on the DIY punk circuit, but it was our first time meeting Mike and Tom.  It was a treat having them in to do a session: their new band and our new studio. Universally, the band has said their favourite part of being in the band was spending time with the people in it. Our experience of them was equally positive. No rock star egos here!

The Earth and Me - Steal the Day Photography

TE&M began when guitarist Neil Sutherland and drummer Dave Campbell decided to explore life outside Pop Punk. Neil had recently moved from London, where he’d been a firm DIY punk fixture, while Dave was not long out of Caves.

Needing more members and seeing him as the obvious choice, Dave then roped in former Caves bandmate Mike Young on bass.

DIY Cardiff

Described by Dave as a “one-stop shop of talent and positivity“, Nath Stevens was next in. He also provided guitar services along with (minimal) vocal and keys. With Nath came the final piece, Tom who is “super talented and one of the best drummers” he knows. On additional keys rather than drums for this project, together, Tom and Nath form a WALL of keys.

“And that’s about it”, Dave casually says.

Apologies I have none

But that wasn’t it.

They went on to make some stunning music together and play a bunch of brilliant shows.

Terrible Love

I remember seeing them at The Montague Arms (RIP) with Group of Man (RIP), Horseflies (RIP) and Latchstring (RIP)

Fuck sake. *pours one out*.

But that night was huge, as anyone who’s seen those bands or follows those links will know. With influences ranging from Explosions In The Sky and Pelican to Torche and This Will Destroy You, you begin to get an idea of their sound.

Group of Man

Then sadly, TE&M called it a day.

Nath swapped being in four million bands for living his best life in Australia. Who can blame him? Still, the session they recorded with us remains one of my favourites.

Stag and Hounds, The Earth and Me

Now Nath is back in the UK. Is a reunion overdue? I think so. There’s still plenty of space for more TE&M.

Nath and Neil now play in a metallic hardcore band called Preys for fans of Converge, Baptists and Trap Them. They’ll have a 4 track ep out later this year.

There’s also a new Neil Sutherland and Friends album recorded back in 2018, though no release date for that as yet. I’m looking forward to hearing the new music soon!

TE&M are Nath Stevens (Austeros, Nietzsche Trigger Finger, Crazy Arm, etc. etc.), Neil Sutherland (Neil Sutherland and Friends, Rivalries), Dave Campbell (Caves, Dig for Fire),  Mike Young (Caves) and Tom Vincer.

Our live music video production rates can be found here, but we’d rather have an actual chat. Face-to-face is always lovely, and we make lots of coffee, so please feel free to get in touch if you’d like to come and look around the studio.

x El